Our Current Governor Body:

Governors Name Governors Position



Year of


Mr H. Derby Interim Chair of Governors All N/A
Mrs T. French Principal All N/A
Ms A. Fife  LEA Representative LGB, S&CC 2015
Mr M. Golding E-ACT Gov./Chair of S&CC LGB, S&CC 2015
Mr G. Hawker E-ACT Governor LGB, F&AC 2015
Mrs T. Engelbrecht E-ACT Governor LGB, F&AC 2017
Miss E. Hand Staff Governor LGB, F&AC 2015
Miss S. Tribedi Staff Governor LGB, S&CC 2015
Mrs S. Hogg-Davies Parent Governor LGB, S&CC 2015
Mrs R. Watts

Parent Gov./Chair of F&AC

LGB, F&AC 2015


LGB: Local Governing Board
F&AC: Finance and Assets Committee
S&CC: Standards and Curriculum Committee



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