SEN and Learning Support

St Ursula's E-ACT Academy SEN support team works with children of all abilities at all stages throughout their time at school providing targeted opportunities that may include learning enhancement opportunities for the more able, extra reading for small groups, individual education planning for those whose needs are not ordinarily met in routine classroom planning and practical advice and support for children of all abilities at all stages.  Headed by the special education coordinator, Mrs Beverley Heath, the team works with parents, teachers and outside professionals to help each child achieve their full potential.

What should you do if you think your child may be having difficulties at school?

  • Talk to the teacher first, you may find that the problem can be addressed relatively easily within the classroom.
  • Talk to the SEN coordinator (SENCO) for more detailed and specialist advice.
  • Talk to your GP as well as school staff in case there is an underlying medical problem that needs addressing.

What will happen next?

Many problems can be addressed within normal class activities and most difficulties are managed within the school using existing resources and expertise.  Advice and guidance are readily available and you should always feel free to ask any questions you may have about your child.

Sometimes however more specialist assessment may be useful.  School may refer your child to the local authority for statutory assessment or, if not, parents are entitled to request assessment themselves.  For advice on how to do so, or if you need further advice about the statementing and assessment procedures visit

Finding out more

If you are worried that your child may have a specific disability you may find that there is a parents advice and support network that will be of use to you.

National organisations




Learning disability

Mental Health support charity –

Condition specific parent support networks –

General parenting support and advice -


Local advice

Bristol Council SEN team



Mrs Heath - SEN Co-ordinator can be reached via the school office

St Ursula's E-ACT Academy parent governors can also be reached via the school office



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